Autism affects 1 in 68 children

Early diagnosis and targeted therapy are associated with dramatically improved quality of life. However, only one out of four children on the spectrum gets timely care. On average, it takes over 2.5 years for parents to receive a diagnosis from the time they first contact their physician. Play.Care was developed to support parents and health care providers during this difficult time.

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While the child enjoys the games, our technology performs more than 340 different measurements each second


Up to 90% accuracy in detecting behavioural patterns related to autism made possible through advanced data science


Three scientific studies conducted by leading researchers involving over 600 children confirm the power of Play.Care

Early care means better outcomes

Play.Care supports early assessment of autism spectrum disorder, thereby increasing the number of children who get timely care. The test only takes 15 minutes and reliably identifies behavioural patterns related to autism.

“The symptoms of our son were so subtle the paediatrician did not recognise them and asked us to wait and come back later. I believe early assessment games may be a real breakthrough in empowering parents. Our son used to play with the iPad before he was able to sit anyway, and I get a science-based assessment.”
Caroline, mother of a 3-year old

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